Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

Built to Spill
The Normal Years (1996)
1. So & So So & So From Wherever Wherever
2. Shortcut
3. Car

4. Some Things Last a Long Time
5. Girl
6. Joyride
7. Some

8. Sick and Wrong
9. Still Flat
10. Terrible/Perfec

2007-07-18 Slowdown Omaha, NE
1. Liar
2. In The Mourning
3. Time Trap
4. Made- Up Dreams
5. Wherever You Go
6. Strange
7. Third Uncle (brian eno)
8. Car
9. Big Dipper
10. Stab

11. Goin' Against Your Mind
12. Velvet Waltz
13. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
14. Mess With Time
15. Carry The Zero
16. Randy Described Eternity
Everything, NOW!
If you are a fan of bands such as Of Montreal, Man Man, The Rolling Stones, or Animal Collective, you would absolutely love these guys. However, that isn't to say that they don't have a unique voice of their own. The band is currently finishing their second LP of the year entitled Ugly Magic which should be released in the Fall of this year. Check out the bands myspace page, buy their records, see them live when they come to your town.
bible universe(2007)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday July 26, 2007

Long Beach Museum 1998-12-08
1 Noise Introduction
2 Steeleye Span's The Lark in the Morning
3 Blue Arrangements
4 Crowd Interlude
5 Song with Moby Grape Sample
6 Spoken Introduction to Carrot Rope
7 Carrot Rope
8 Spit on a Stranger
9 Speaking and Tuning Interlude
10 Instrumental Platform Blues
11 You are the Light
12 Spoken Interlude
13 Song with Creedence Clearwater Revival Sample
14 Long Tuning Interlude
15 Anne Don't Cry Attempted
16 Anne Don't Cry Finished
17 Tuning Interlude
18 Unknown Song