Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

the dreadful yawns
the dreadful yawns (2005)
1. you sold the farm
2. get yourself back home
3. darkness is gone
4. it's a charmed life
5. back in the ground
6. part of your past
7. waking up to you

8. get straight
9. better things to do
10. there's no place like home
11. drinking song
12. lullaby

13. the people and the sky
14. no destination

rest (2007)
1. you've been recorded
2. changing states
3. when i lost my voice
4. candles
5. mountains
6. november nights
7. due south

8. we go up
9. being used to you
10. end of summer
the brian jonestown massacre

live acoustic at the grog shop, cleveland, oh, 2007-02-03
1. stars
2. stolen
3. somewhere
4. free and easy
5. fucker
6. god is my girlfriend + down
7. mansion in the sky
8. here it comes
9. cause i lover
10. dawn
11. all things great and small

live at the bottom of the hill, san francisco, ca, 1998-05-08
1. monster
2. going to hell
3. jennifer
4. dawn
5. whoever you are
6. (banter)
7. oh lord
8. fucker (interrupted)
9. anenome
10. that girl suicide
11. who?
12. this is why you love me
13. servo
14. sue


johnnylove said...

Hey Blase!!!!
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!
You are the man. The Bottom Of The Hill show, i already have.The Grog Shop show(Im guessing thats the one you recorded?)IS SOOOOOO KILLER! What a COOL set list!And great sound too! Well worth waiting for!LOVE THIS SITE!!!!Keep up the good work! Please dont stop!

strawbaryfeilds said...

Hey Blase

Thank you so much for the BJM gigs you have up here. Webster Hall and the Grog Shop are now the best bootlegs I have. Just wondering where Malela and Monster are, which were the last 2 tracks played at the Grog shop? If there is no recording of these tracks at least please tell me, how Malela was live?! You are so lucky to have been at such a special gig.
Thanks again

Contaminator said...

Great set! Many thanks for sharing, Blasé.