Monday, December 3, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the brian jonestown massacre
live at bowery ballroom, nyc 2005-07-30
1. intro
2. whoever you are
3. let me stand next to your flower
4. nailing honey to the bee
5. jennifer
6. hide and seek
7. nevertheless
8. sailor
9. sailor (cont.
10. swallowtail


live at webster hall, nyc 2006-05-10
disk 1
1. the six foot seven inch freestyle rapping jew
2. introduction
3. whoever you are
4. nailing honey to the bee
5. jennifer
6. evergreen
7. when jokers attack
8. sailor
9. hide and seek
10. fuck you for fucking me
11. prozac versus heroin

disk 2
1. nevertheless
2. get some
3. you have been disconnected
4. anenome
5. vaccum boots
6. here it comes
7. a new low in getting high
8. swallowtail

disk 3
1. wisdom
2. that girl suicide
3. servo
4. going to hell
5. who?
6. telegram
7. if love is the drug
8. open heart surgery
9. satellite
10. feel x it
11. you have been disconnected

disk 1
disk 2
disk 3


Lope de Aguirre said...

The Webster show is really great, pretty good quality. Thanks a lot!

johnnylove said...

Blase' You are my favorite human being right now! I have been trying to get these shows forever!
yesterday 12/4 was my birthday and these 2 shows were the best gifts that i could have ever gotten. you are the man! p.s. Spiritualized at MFA in Boston is an awesome show too!! I LOVE THIS SITE! thanks 4 sharing. Please keep posting!

Blasé Blog said...

well happy birthday man

stephanie said...

yeahhhhhh.......... this is awesome. thank you :)

johnnylove said...

Hi Blase' Just droppedby to say hello. Thanks again for all that you do. its all quite cool.

Jodamme said...

Oh I do hope you update. I always check back every week or so...

johnnylove said...


johnnylove said...

Check my page!

I just started it.

Ty said...


Caravatti said...

Congratulations for your blog.
Visit my new blogs (indie, lo-fi, post-rock, psychedelic, twee, shoegaze, krautrock) and tell me what you think about it. Regards.